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Discovery Channel Announces Costa Concordia Disaster Special, Plus Four Made-for-TV Disaster Docs We Love

Are you "captivated by the real-life drama of the Costa Concordia disaster?" Well, brace yourself for springtime, when Discovery Channel's diving head first into the Mediterranean with a documentary.

The Hollywood Reporter says that the special will "dissect the devastating disaster that wreaked havoc on a luxury cruise ship off the shore of Isola del Giglio," a Maritime accident that's left many questing the integrity of the ship's captain, Francesco Schettino.

Thankfully, most of the passengers and crew aboard the Concordia survived. Of the estimated 4,200 on the ship, 11 perished and 23 are still reported missing--a relatively low figure given the severity of the crash.

But 11 dead and 23 missing is plenty drama for a made-for-TV documentary. Check out some of our favorite disaster specials listed below.

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