David Lynch's Paris Nightclub Silencio Takes Over the Delano During Art Basel

Things you'll see at Art Basel: Tight dresses. Flamboyant suits. Artsy types speaking theatrically. Sinister-looking dudes with goatees.

Things you'll see at Club Silencio, the freaky nightspot in David Lynch's 2001 film Mulholland Drive: pretty much those same things.

So it's only natural that Silencio, the real-life Paris nightclub version of that fictional club designed by David Lynch himself, is coming to Miami during our annual Basel bacchanal.

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ArtInfo reports that Silencio will follow up its pop-ups at high-profile events like Cannes with a stint at FDR at Delano, as part of a collaboration with Morgans Hotel Group. That marks a shift from the previous four years, when the Delano hosted the pop-up of another Parisian club, Le Baron. As we pointed out last year, the event has a reputation for being "an ultraexclusive arty party [that] always attracts a superchic, sophisticated crowd of mustache-twirlers, French waifs, dudes in blue bowties, sexy gallerists, and even the occasional cameo from Hipster Hitler."

Does the Silencio takeover end the partnership between Le Baron and the Delano? Will Hipster Hitler have to find some other place to party this year? The Delano's not saying (yet).

In the meantime, details about the Silencio pop-up indicate it won't exactly replicate the experience of the film original. You probably won't have unexplained convulsions while sitting in its seats, or hear music coming from seemingly nowhere.

In fact, at the Miami Silencio pop-up, there will hay banda: Organizers plan to bring a "well-edited program of music, film, art, and fashion" to the space.

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