Danielle Staub Exclusive: Sex Tapes, Karma, and Girl-on-Girl Bullying

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Remember when being considered a "housewife" was a bad thing? Well, it's 2010 and housewives are considered to be pretty fierce...even if you're an ex-housewife. Danielle Staub, who was part of season one and two of the Real Housewives of New Jersey, was rumored to be fired by Bravo. But that isn't the only recent hearsay about the reality star. There are rumors that she's a lesbian, an ex-con, and possibly the most hated person on TV.

So when Cultist got the chance to chat with Ms. Staub, whose Miami event (Jersey-ween) was canceled the day of the interview, we wanted to clear the air. Staub was ready to bare all and talked about her sex tape, how being Sicilian helps her understand what it's like to be black, why Bravo should have pulled the other housewives off her, and a few threats about karma being a bitch. The cherry on top? News of a Danielle Staub fitness video.

New Times:

We're sad you won't be joining us in South Florida for Halloween.

I know, it would have been nice. I could have gotten a little bit of color.

Does coming to Miami bring up memories of your past?

I have moved on from everything that doesn't make me feel good. There are parts of Miami and my life in Miami that I love. It wasn't all bad. I got arrested, that was the bad part. I went there with my first love; it's in my book. But we were teenagers; we were young. Florida will always be one of my homes.

Did you and Bravo have a mutual break up or were you fired?

Yeah, it was totally mutual. I didn't want to return at all. I realized I can do a lot better. I can take my ratings and go anywhere.

Do you regret doing the show?

Not for a second. I don't live by regrets. I live by experiences. There are a lot of people that truly relate to me. I didn't hide. I didn't run. I embraced it and left my mark. I'm a published author, I'm a recorded artist, I have two incredible children with their own entities going on, I have shown what kind of mother I am through my children. People have nothing but love for me. Gay, straight, black, white, rich, poor--I have been it all, I relate to it all. I haven't been black, but I'm Sicilian.

How do you think Bravo portrayed you?

I think they did their best to make sure their ratings were met. They lost sight of the fact that, and I'm going to say this very delicately, I am a human being and I'm a mother. And they should have corralled up their animals every once in a while. What they allowed to happen to me is bullying. I refuse to believe that is OK in anyone's eyes. I don't care if you hate my guts, it's wrong to do that to another person. What if I were too weak and considered doing something to hurt myself? Because they tore at me enough to do so. They ganged up on me. They never once gave me a chance to breathe and just be me. In the presence of Andy, I think at both reunions that he should have stepped in and said that's fucking enough.  

So it's safe to say you and the ladies are no longer friends?

I wouldn't call them ladies, but yes.

Is it hard to have ladies you once had in your home and around your kids betray you, even testify against you in court?

I think all their karma is flying in. I don't have to do much. They keep destroying themselves. People lie about somebody and it's going to come back 10x to you. Look at what's going on with Theresa right now. There's my point. The rest of them have it coming too. Look at Dina -- look how miserable she is. She has no husband, she can't do the show, her ex-husband she fights with, she forged contracts, her Ladybug thing is under investigation. Caroline, your father-in-law was murdered and chopped up and placed in front of the brownstone, your father did time in prison leaving 11 kids behind. Let's see, your best friend is in prison now for taking bribes from the mob and jeopardizing homeland security, but I am garbage? For what I did 27 years ago, when I was younger than your children, who you're still tying ties for and shoes for? Karma is a bitch.

What did you think of the Jersey-themed South Park?

I thought it was hilarious. You know you have made it when there is a cartoon after you.

Do you like the show Jersey Shore?

I don't watch it. I really don't. It's not because I don't like them or do like them, I just really rarely have time to watch much television. If I have a little bit of time, I love VH1 and I watch Glee.

Here are a few questions from our Twitter followers:

How are your daughters doing?

Christine has been shooting for everybody and walked all of fashion week. She keeps it very separate from my life. She just landed Teen Vogue as well.

Jillian is doing music. She is releasing her song digitally to iTunes and that is going to be in the next week or two. She has a very bright future in music--she is a songwriter and a singer and very, very excited. They are both incredible kids. They don't consider their work work.

How do you keep your ridiculous body?

That is another thing I'm doing: a fitness video. I am going to be releasing my clothing line, Danielle's Mafia, also my jewelry line is coming really to the forefront. The fitness video is real important to me because I want people to realize--that everyone can have a ridiculous body in their own right.

How did you handle your intimate moments with your boyfriend being released?

Be proud, hold your head high and don't let anybody make you feel bad about yourself in anyway, shape, or form. You can never control what people say or do. It wasn't meant for anyone to see. Remember; don't be ashamed, because he's an idiot.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.