The table pre-flower arranging.EXPAND
The table pre-flower arranging.
Photo by Clarissa Buch

Create Your Own Bouquet With Flowers and Booze at the FlowerBar

For some women, walking into a flower shop can spark a series of emotions. First, we're overwhelmed, in awe of the beauty. Second, we wonder if our someone special will surprise us with something as radiant. And third, jealousy floods in as we ask ourselves why we can't make such alluring bouquets. 

Now, at Field of Flowers' FlowerBar, we can — cue a Martha Stewart-inspired playlist — at least solve number three. 

The Miami-based flower shop (with locations in Boca Raton, Davie, and three in Miami) designed an interactive experience where guests can create their own arrangements with step-by-step instructions from a floral expert. Instructors welcome everyone, from the supercrafty to the artistically inept, to try a session. Absolutely no experience is required. 

There's only one rule at the FlowerBar: Follow your floral expert's guidance as you sip wine or champagne during the class. 

Upon arrival, guests are greeted with bubbly and platters of small bites. Before getting crafty, attendees receive a walking tour of the space. Prepare to get schooled on dozens of flower types — from carnations and hydrangeas to orchids, tulips, and dahlias, the shop has a bit of everything.

After guests are seated, the step-by-step demonstration begins. Though you can duplicate the model arrangement, creativity is encouraged, so creations differ.  

Each day, there are six featured floral arrangements to choose from. The container, flowers, and instruction are included in a flat fee of $40 to $60 (depending upon the kind and size). Or choose your own container and flowers and assemble your own unique bouquet instead; the sitting fee is $5 per hour per person, plus the cost of the flowers and container.

The preplanned options vary in color, flower type, and style. Named for classical painters, they include the Matisse, where the vivid bouquet spills from pitchers and vases; the Monet, which focuses on water lilies; the Renoir, which uses flowers with a soft, vibrant light; the Van Gogh, which uses mostly sunflowers; the Klimt, which creates patterns with flowers; and the Dalí, a rose-dominant arrangement. Each featured DIY session includes two hours at the the FlowerBar with use of all tools, an apron, and an expert guide.

Whether you've always had a desire to dabble in the art of floral arranging or simply want an excuse to get creative with some booze, spend an afternoon channeling your inner Martha Stewart at the FlowerBar. 

The FlowerBar at Field of Flowers
The Palm City/Miami shop is located at 13615 S. Dixie Hwy. in Palmetto Bay. For more information and to schedule a session, visit myflowerbar.com or call 800-963-7374. 

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