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CMX's Dine-In Theater Due to Open at Brickell City Centre This Month

An interview with the director of the new luxury movie theater, CMX, set to open at Brickell City Centre at the end of April.
The exterior of the CMX theater at Brickell City Centre.
The exterior of the CMX theater at Brickell City Centre. Courtesy CMX
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To compete with digital downloads and streaming services, theatrical movie presenters have begun to evolve. Old theaters are being retrofitted with fancy reclining seats and are offering moviegoers menu items like chicken wings. Meanwhile, new theaters opening in Miami are upping their games even further, adding chef-designed culinary experiences and unique cocktails by mixologists delivered right to viewers' seats.

Landmark Theatres recently opened its first luxury theater in the Southeast inside Merrick Park in Coral Gables. It features an expansive bar that makes a statement as you enter the front door. Surely, the good people of Brickell would love access to a movie theater like that. So here comes CMX, a subsidiary of the Mexico City-based movie chain Cinemex, which is set to open a similar experience at Brickell City Centre. According to the Real Deal, there's also talk of opening one of these theaters at Gulfstream Park in Hallandale Beach.

In addition to dining service, CMX offers perks such as oversize reclining leather seats and an app to purchase tickets and order food and drinks. But those perks come at a price: Tickets will cost $21 to $25.

New Times spoke to Luis Castelazo, the director of CMX, about selecting Miami as the first of its U.S. theaters and what will make this theater stand above the rest.

New Times: Why did CMX choose Miami to open its first theater in the U.S.?

Luis Castelazo: The opening location of a theater is very important for its success. Miami's Brickell City Centre was the perfect fit for several reasons, including the demographic of residents and visitors to Brickell City Centre. [It is] Miami's largest mixed-use urban development and most exciting destination for all things shopping, culinary, and more, [and] we wanted to bring the thrill of film to those visiting the area. It's the perfect addition to the variety of retailers that call Brickell City Centre home, and we look forward to welcoming them all to our first theater in the U.S.

How many screens and seats will be in the multiplex?

The CMX multiplex theater spans 35,759 square feet at Brickell City Centre and features ten viewing rooms with 480 seats.

What is the largest screening room, and how many seats are in the smallest?

The largest viewing room has 88 seats, and the most intimate cinema experience features 22 seats. Our goal is to provide a VIP luxury experience for moviegoers, providing dedicated and quality service through our upscale food and beverage offerings.

How will this theater be different from CinéBistro, iPic, and the Landmark luxury theater experiences?

CMX is one of the world's only all-laser theaters and exclusively features audio technology from Meyer Sound Laboratories. The cinema also includes one Dolby Atmos room, which takes traditional surround sound to the next level by enabling powerful moving audio to travel from all directions, including overhead, to fill the cinema with astonishing clarity, richness, detail, and depth.

What sort of movies will be shown at CMX?

We are very excited about the entertainment options we're bringing to Miami. From Hollywood blockbusters and arthouse movies to foreign films, classic flicks and alternative content, there will be something for everyone.

Do you have an opening date yet?

We are thrilled to bring the CMX VIP Cinema Experience to Brickell City Centre later this month. Stay tuned for more!
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