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Celluloid City: Stuck on You Filmed at Manuel Airtime Theater and in North Miami

In Celluloid City, we spotlight some of the classics shot right in our own backyard.

Oh, those Farrelly brothers! They do love to shoot in our fair city, don't they? Five years after filming There's Something About Mary,

Bobby and Peter came back and brought Greg Kinnear and Matt Damon with them to film the hysterical, yet supremely underrated absurdist comedy Stuck on YouI guess Matt Damon liked the 305; he's now a registered voter here.

Stuck on You revolves around the exploits of Siamese twins, Damon and Kinnear. As you can imagine, Siamese twin brothers gave the Farrellys a lot of material to work with. Watching the two on dates, or taking a shower and having sex is downright LOL funny.

The film also includes outstanding performances by Meryl Streep, as well as Cher and Frankie Muniz of Malcolm in the Middle fame. In one scene, Cher plays the perfect cougar, ordering Muniz to bed early because he has a geography test the next day. Here's the trailer: 

Stuck on You was filmed all over the 305, from North Miami Beach to Little Havana. The barbecue scene was filmed at 665 NE 133 Street. And Kinnear's thespian exploits  were filmed at  the Manuel Artime Theater in Little Havana. There are also various scenes shot in Miami Beach, on Lincoln Road, and at Greynolds Park

Check out the Manuel Artime Theater (as well as Meryl pulling off a perfect accent):

The only award nomination that Stuck on You received was from the Teen Choice Awards for Eva Mendes's performance. She was nominated for Breakout Movie Star--Female. The movie was largely ignored by movie audiences too, which is a shame. Stuck on You is probably one of the funniest Farrelly Brothers' comedies, and it does a fine job showing off the 305.
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