Casey Anthony Is Back and Rob Lowe Is Trying to Prosecute Her

Has your holiday movie-watching experience been tainted by Casey Anthony? Cause mine was, just a little bit. Yesterday, I was in theaters to see The Guilt Trip, a feel-good, guilty-pleasure flick with Babs Streisand and Seth Rogen, when suddenly Casey Anthony popped up on the silver screen. Like a nightmare, she was back--and on Christmas!

Prosecuting Casey Anthony, which is based on "Imperfect Justice," prosecutor Jeff Aston's account of the trial, will air January 2013 on Lifetime.

And being a Lifetime movie, you'd think Anthony, the principle female would be front and center. Nope. According to the Huffington Post, Anthony's bit in them movie is mercifully short. Instead, Rob Lowe, who plays Aston, takes center stage. He and the prosecutor look nothing alike, but who cares.

In the trailer, Lowe pledges that even if he can't get a guilty verdict, he'll make her the most-hated woman in America. In that, he succeeded. In the court of public opinion, Anthony is as guilty as sin.

We know her story all too well. Why can't we put it in the past? Or at least, why can't Lifetime give us a bit of a reprieve from the drama. At least during the holidays.

Her trial brought out the worst in all of us. In the wake of the not-guilty verdict, Anthony received death threats, and on the rare occasions she appears in public, she's tracked like prey. If Lifetime won't show restraint, do yourself a favor. Come to the movies late and miss the trailer for Prosecuting Casey Anthony.

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Anna Hiatt