Cannonball's I Heart Art Tenth Birthday Bash and Fundraiser Splashes Down This Saturday

It's no surprise that an art collective that goes by the name Cannonball is all about making a big splash. And the same logic applies for their double digit birthday bash and annual fundraiser, kicking off this Saturday, November 9.

At the aptly titled I Heart Art, there'll be themed makeovers, tunes, synchronized swimming, video art, and yes, an actual cannonball contest.

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The tenth birthday bonanza is happening at the New Yorker Boutique Hotel, and it sounds all kinds of awesome.

This is their third year doing the annual fundraising event -- but this ain't your average money-raiser.

"It's different from the typical gala fundraising event. This is a very informal party situation. Our guests really expect fun and art and creative aspects to the event," says Cannonball's program coordinator Dominique Breard.

There'll be a makeup and styling station; synchronized swim performances by Verso; a video projection series by The Shaft (centered around romance, we hear) and tunes by DJ Hottpants.

There'll also be food from local eateries, cocktails by Miami Club Rum, sparkling H20 by Perrier and plenty of aesthetic nourishment, too.

And while it's not technically a pool party (it's at night), it is pool-themed, says Breard. Everyone and anyone is invited to participate in the cannonball contest. The audience will choose the award-winner.

"Anyone thinking of diving into the pool should bring either a bathing suit or a change of clothes for afterwards," Breard advises. Although anyone who participates will score a sweet, limited-edition Cannonball towel.

So pack your Speedo and practice your splash tactics. Applause awaits!

The party kicks off at 7 p.m. on November 9 at the New Yorker Boutique Hotel. Admission costs $50 for the general public; $25 for Cannonball members and artists. You can snag tickets on their website or at the door.

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