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Basketball Wives Episode Six: Everyone Hates Kenya Bell, Part Deux

As you may remember, we ended last week with Jennifer Williams and Evelyn Lozada verbally assaulting each other. We know, what a shock!

That particular incident began with the two toasting each other, aka pointing out all the ways they felt the other was disrespectful. And the best part of all of this? It all went down at Philippe. Have you ever been to Philippe? We can barely afford an entrée, let alone start a girl fight and get thrown out before we can even enjoy our meal. If we've learned anything from Basketball Wives so far, it's this: When starting a brawl at a group birthday dinner, make sure to do it post-dinner and pre-check.

This week, though, Kenya Bell is back in the spotlight. People, what is this woman's deal? Evelyn sits outside the restaurant telling the girls (like the gangsta that she is) that she is going to act like she left, but she'll really be waiting around the corner for Jennifer. Then Kenya busts in with unsolicited advice. In the words of Tami, "Nobody wants to hear it." And we do mean nobody.

Remember just a couple of weeks ago, before everyone piled aboard the Kesha Hater Train, when all the main Basketball Wives hated Kenya? Well, it seems like this week, we're back to the good ol' days of Team Kenya Bell Sucks. This is a team we believe in, because we think she does.

Kenya did a radio interview with a DJ who talked all kinds of trash about the women, which pissed Tami off, because she believed Kenya fueled those hater comments with her laughter. Now, Tami is off her rocker, but she is also great, and here's why: When she and Evelyn decide to confront Kenya over drinks, she opens the conversation with, "Yeah, we were just talking about you." Way to be un-intimidating and non-confrontational. Oh wait, this is Basketball Wives. Carry on.

With the help of boozy cocktails, Evelyn and Tami decide that it is finally time for Kenya and Kesha to figure out their bullshit. (While watching this, we figured out that we would officially like to be a basketball wife, so that we too can solve all our problems with fruity alcoholic beverages.) And with the new shift to Team We Hate Kenya, it's not looking good for Ms. Bell. Even if the rest of the girls hate Kesha, Evelyn likes her, so all of them will eventually fall in line. Lets be honest: Eve is the HBIC. (Head bitch in charge, duh.)

Watching all the ladies walk to their table at the Perry (formerly the Gansevoort) pool was very West Side Story meets Basketball Wives meets Miami Social. They all knew they were entering a hurricane, but they also knew there would be free booze and cameras, so of course they showed up.

But before anyone can even pour their first free glass of vodka, words start flying between Kesha and Kenya. The rest of the ladies just sat back and watched it like a UFC match. Then Kesha informed the group that Kenya had once called Evelyn loose. All together now: "Oh, here we go!"

Can we wait till Evelyn confronts Kenya next week? Barely.

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