Addicted to Twerking? Video Blames Florida for Booty-Shaking Habit

Meet Stevie. She was just your average 20-something girl, sweet, innocent, with a bright future. She took dance classes as a child. But then, a visit to the Sunshine State opened up her dark side.

"It all started when I was in Florida, visiting my grandma," she explains. "And I saw the music video for Juvenile's 'Back That Azz Up.' That's exactly what I did. I just backed my ass up."

Now, Stevie's addicted to twerking. She twerks behind dumpsters and in gas station bathrooms. She twerks while she does the laundry and gasses up her car.

Stevie says she can quit whenever she wants: "I'm really just a social twerker." But her family tells a different story. "I wish I could back time's ass up, to before this all started," her father confesses.

As the final season of A&E's real TV series Intervention continues this summer, this spoof video from VH1's Stevie TV is a perfect testament to all the details of the show that have made it so distinctive: the foreboding music, the white-on-black title cards, the confessionals against a blue background.

But it also just makes perfect sense. Of course this girl's addiction began in Florida, the source of all crazy, stupid things on Earth. Extra points for realism, guys.

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