La Bomba Dessert at Toro Toro Brings the Drama

When guests dine at a renowned Miami restaurant, they expect a wow factor, and that’s exactly what Toro Toro delivers. Even better, the showstopper comes in the form of dessert. Toro Toro’s La Bomba is certainly an experience where the element of surprise is key, so be warned there are spoilers to come.

First of all, the “prepared tableside” notation on the menu is one heck of an understatement. Don’t be alarmed as your server spreads a clear plastic sheet over the table; though it may look like he’s preparing for a clean homicide, the reality is much sweeter.

The runner holds a perfectly crafted chocolate sphere over the table and explains the elements: scoops of dulce de leche and strawberry ice cream, dollops of cream cheese mousse, almond cookie crumbles, edible flowers, and fresh berries.

Just as you’re salivating for a taste, it’s dropped onto the plastic surface and shattered. No, it’s not a clumsy mistake – the chocolate shards are part of the dramatic presentation that impresses even the snobbiest of foodies. And in case that’s not over-the-top enough for you, caramel, vanilla, and berry sauces are then drizzled on top.

Each bite is an exploration of flavors, textures, and temperatures like no other. The delivery is so unique and exciting that you may find yourself still recovering from shock until the last bite.

According to executive chef Eric Do, it’s an interactive experience that varies each time it’s presented. The server senses the karma of the guests and tailors the performance to each table. So whether you’re the nod-silently-in-approval or stand-up-and-cheer type, the experience will be personal.

“When we first bring it out, people don’t know what to expect. They kind of look at it, they’re kind of wondering what’s going on — ‘Am I supposed to eat it out of the bowl or something?’ And then once it's broken and drizzled with the sauce, then everybody’s like 'OK, then it makes sense,'” Do says. 

La Bomba first appeared as a special holiday menu item about two years ago. Chef Do planned to take it off the menu after the holidays, but because of critical acclaim and customer demand, the dish “forced its way onto [the] menu,” he says.

Now the dessert is here to stay, and Chef Do says the secret to La Bomba’s success is its underlying simplicity.

“As flashy and showy as it is, the dessert itself I think is very simplistic — chocolate, ice cream, some fruit, and cookies — so I think it appeals to the masses. A whole family can enjoy that."

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