Reader Mail: Wynwood Is Losing

What's With Wynwood?

Editor's note: Because last week was all about Art Basel, this week is all about Wynwood.

It's a flea market: Wynwood has been turned into a three-ring circus ("Whither Wynwood?" Michael Miller, December 5). With the food trucks, underage alcoholics, and people just looking for a good time, the focus is no longer on the art. From many of the artists and gallery owners, I know the issue is sales, and you cannot get sales from the "flea market" environment that has been created. Some have started moving north to regain their gallery image. CHRIS ANTHONY


Letters to the Editor

It's greedy: This is Miami greed and hustle at its finest. Our city's artists have greatly contributed to improving the image of our city and opened the door for other opportunities of enhancement to flourish and expand. Such a pity that artistic expression is being stunted by such unproductive and restrictive tactics. LEAFAR ROBLES

It's cruel to the cognoscenti: Anything that makes the hipsters cry makes me happy. This makes me happy. HARRY THE HANDYMAN

It's full of the wealthy who are oblivious to history: Some, not all, of the wealthy of Miami need to put aside their "bottom line" for the sake of preservation. Unfortunately, most wealthy people do this when it's too late and they're dying or dead. ALEX PAPPAS

It needs a government: There should be a grassroots commission run by local citizens and tenants to get a handle on landlords' greed syndrome. Stop killing our unique communities. DR SASHA

It doesn't know what it is: Not sure that Wynwood ever had an identity. At least not one that wasn't invented in the past few years. I just turned 43. I've lived here my entire life. That neighborhood was nothing but a shithole slum until it was given a face-lift. Even now, I would still rather avoid the area at all costs. FOASWAG

It could be mini movie town: The Wynwood Warehouse Project also includes warehouse space for film and music production studios. That makes it way more appealing to our politicians — it's a mini-Hollywood, so to speak. There is so much space in the area to really grow the entertainment business. CMIAL

It needs a disaster: We are really overdue for a large, apocalyptic hurricane to hit us. Then everything would go to shit and we would have to start from scratch. This is actually my hope, believe it or not. It's the real artists who thrive on the destitution and destruction in order to create new meaning. EVERYTHING IS TEMPORARY

It soon won't be a place to park: As soon as they open a parking garage, everything is going to go to shit! All the free parking we enjoy will become metered! Nothing can be free. Eventually, the capitalists swoop in and start charging for everything, buying up property and renting it out to artists. Isn't there a place like that on Lincoln Road already? The Wynwood Art Walk should be transient, like a caravan of gypsies. Hold it at secret locations each month so no one can pin it down and try to make money off the artists. JIMENA ZEBALLOS

It's a tradition: This happens time and time again: Artists move into a derelict neighborhood because they can afford the rent, it becomes popular, landlords raise the rent, and hello, Ducati dealership. Hopefully with some foresight and planning, Wynwood can create a new model. SHERI A FRIEDMAN

It had to happen: Yeah, this was inevitable. But we allowed it to happen. ANGEL ACEVEDO

It's over!: Wynwood was over three years ago when Britto relocated there. People are just waking up and getting the message. However, it might see a second life as an artists' area as there are far too many warehouses being converted to retail spaces at the moment. We see glass storefronts being converted daily. The landlords see dollar signs everywhere, with rents in the Design District hitting $100 per square foot. Miami Avenue is going for $35 to $55. And they think they are going to get something equal? They are putting way too much product on the market. So we will see a retrenchment. Many people lost money in SoBe before 1992. The market there waxed and waned before finally gaining traction to become the retailers' paradise it is today. Me? I've already moved to Overtown. Peace. WHY NOT NOW


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