Reader Mail: Love for Juleisy y Karla, Hate for Kanye

People Loved Our People Issue!

Wanna nestle in her bosom: Love, love this article ("Lady Casa, PLUR Mama," Kat Bein, November 21). "PLUR Mama" means more than just go-go dancing and sharing kandi bracelets. Lady Casa is a rave veteran who doesn't mind sharing higher consciousness with others — helping awaken our souls and leaving us with food for wisdom, such as the "I am." I can never and will never forget the day I met Michelle on her 25th birthday at an underground warehouse. We shared some words, and then she had a huge circle and shared with all her PLUR warriors and prayed with us all. Love her! Ashley Palomino

Sports poseur unmasked: I stopped reading at "ferocious defense" ("Al Golden, Turnaround Talent," Terrence McCoy). Pretty obvious the writer of this article doesn't watch football. Cat1979


Letters to the Editor

Those chicks — uh, dudes? — are hot: The Juleisy y Karla picture/article ("Juleisy y Karla: Sisters... or Brothers?" Allie Conti) is amazing. I want to see more of them! Cristina Garcia

And I want to get with them: LOL. I went to school with Gio Profera of Juleisy y Karla at Hialeah-Miami Lakes High School. We graduated together in 2004! So stoked to see my boi is doing innovative things and becoming successful! We gotta collab on some creativity. Ronald ConcentratedWill Baker

Hey, don't forget this guy: What about Jamaican Paul? Typical New Times list, though. Everyone in here has been mentioned a few times by you all. Hvt Rob

And what about...?: I would have loved to have seen the Wynwood Brewing Company team in your pages if you were going to showcase a local brewer ("Johnathan Wakefield, Brewing Up a Storm," Deirdra Funcheon). In 2013, they (1) already opened the first production microbrewery in the city of Miami at 565 NW 24th St.; (2) have been homebrewers for the past ten years; (3) are FIU alum; (4) have made a commitment to the area by commissioning local artists like Krave, Eva Ruiz, Ernesto Kunde, and Trek to do murals on their walls; and (4) are a family business. Don't you think it would have been more appropriate for Luis Brignoni and his team to be the brewer selected for 2013? Just sayin'. NataschaOS

Burrrn: I guess John is getting the attention because he has beers ranked Top 10 in the world on beer-rating websites. He's a great guy, and there is already a huge following for his beer. Miami is in dire need of craft beer options, and it's great to see there are other great brewers opening places of their own. Instead of ill will and jealousy among the brewers and their patrons, I hope they develop a brotherhood among one another. Miami is already a great city. I hope it is on the verge of becoming a great city for beer. GCotner

But Kanye, Not So Much

You trippin', New Times: You call Kanye West "one of hip-hop's greatest of all time" ("Yeezus Has Risen," Kat Bein, November 21). Seriously? Hammer and Vanilla Ice sold a bunch of records too. This guy couldn't lick the sweat off Biggie's and Tupac's asses! Miguel Aybar

Uh-oh, someone remembered: Wasn't this guy boycotting Florida because of the Trayvon Martin verdict? Someone true to himself and his principles doesn't say one thing and do another thing. I cannot condone a wimp who waffles and flip-flops like a politician. Frank D.

Yeezus = Jesus?: It's time to put this maniac in his place and stop letting him think he is God. He has brought the reality TV garbage to the hip-hop genre, and it ain't cool! Joe Mistermakeithappen Ciampa

He smokes what?: He smokes pole and licks man taint on the daily. Chris Schaaff

And he's a joyous aquatic animal: He's a gay fish. Eric Romer

Let's all shut up now: Please don't encourage him. JennyLee Molina

And South Beach, Not So Much

Lover: South Beach will always have a special place in my heart ("South Beach Is Miami's Best Neighborhood, Hands Down," Michael E. Miller, November 29). Loved partying there; then I loved living there — minus the parking! Heather Mallon Dobos

Lover?: It's the best hood if you're a millionaire or a tourist. Eric Romer

Hater: Another SoBe douchebag. rrorre

Hater: It is awful. It was the best area back in the early-to-mid-'90s. Pierre Bernardo

Undecided: One article you say SoBe sucks, and now you say it's the best neighborhood. Can you guys come to a collective conclusion about what you like there? Ryan Morejon


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