Reader Mail: Keep Ultra in Downtown Miami

Toxic Parks

Public misled: Your piece about a long-gone incinerator in Coconut Grove still potentially endangering residents ("Ashes to Ashes," David Villano, April 10) was very interesting. I'm sure in the beginning, people weren't completely aware of all the dangers surrounding these incinerators, but as time went on, they had to try to make it sound like it wasn't dangerous to the public. Jamie Anable

Build-free zones: There are many areas of the Grove that are toxic, including areas that have million-dollar homes on them. The county should have never allowed residential building permits on that land before it was properly cleaned up. They knew it was dirty, and so did the builders. Anastasia Biltmore


Reader Mail: Keep Ultra in Downtown Miami

Keep Ultra in Miami

Don't mess with the best: Ultra Music Festival is amazing, and you're right to demand that it stay in downtown Miami ("Defending Ultra," Jose D. Duran, April 10). I've been four years in a row and, so far, at 31 total music festivals. Ultra is by far the best! It's truly the one place where I feel at home. I hope people see how amazing Ultra is and stop bringing negativity. I just wish the world could actually see it for themselves. Maybe then they would change their minds. Chris Elizalde

Build bigger parks: The real problem is that Miami has no large, signature park to hold large events like Ultra. I think that's an excellent point. However, it's also obvious they need to invest in better security at these festivals. longdongsilver15

Parents should keep their kids in line: Ultra is definitely the best festival I have ever been to. I went for the first time ever this year and it was great, by far better than the rock and pop concerts I've been to. I know there's a concern with underage fans, but I didn't see any kids there when I went. Yes, I saw 18- and 21-year-olds. Of course, there were some who were immature, but most behaved. Now, if you don't want to have kids there, parents should do a better job parenting. Stop blaming the festival for letting the kids go. If you don't want kids to go, don't let them. Most of all, make sure they are hanging with the right crowd and not a bunch of dumbasses who won't look out for them! Juan Carlos Campos

Variety, please: The visitors to Ultra are definitely too young! Make it an 18-plus show. As a fan, I also thought the main-stage artists all played the same way. Lux Christian

Trashing the town: Miami should be lucky that they decide to have that festival there in the first place. Florida has turned into a huge crime state, and most of the money is from tourists and snowbirds during the winter season. The few jobs there pay minimum wage. There is an overabundance of immigrants, legal and illegal. I know so many dirtbags who moved there to "start over." They were in jail, drug addicts, or both. Some parts are better than others, but it's a cheap place to visit. I'll never live there again. Jennifer Fuentes

Down with tree-humpers: This whole blaming Ultra is so stupid. There are other festivals in Miami with hip-hop and reggaeton where people are shot and raped. But everyone says, "Wow, at Ultra, people get happy and maybe hump a tree." If Ultra didn't cost so much to get into, they wouldn't have these problems. Make it more affordable, and sell single-day tickets so it's not such a struggle for everyone to go. glowboy1024

Move it to the fairgrounds: Why can't Ultra just wait until the first weekend in April and use the Dade County Fairgrounds for the concert after the Miami-Dade County Fair & Expo has finished? That lot of land looks much bigger than Bayfront Park and has lots of space for parking. Just a thought. davidtriana911

Think of the babies: We are residents who live in front of Bayfront Park, and Ultra Music Festival produced a huge noise till midnight. Can you imagine how this event has disturbed our daily life? We have 1-year-old twin babies. They were afraid of the huge noise and continued crying this weekend. We hope this event is not coming to downtown in the future, especially for our babies. I love music, but I don't like babies crying because of the noise. It's not necessary to keep Ultra in the center of the city. I hope that the venue is relocated to the suburbs and that the visitors sing and dance in an isolated area. davidsov

Politics and parenting: People who claim that Miami Mayor Tomás Regalado and Commissioner Marc Sarnoff are "out of touch with the new voting bloc" by opposing Ultra are way off. Most of the Miami kids will never vote or know what the hell is going on with politics except what maybe their parents tell them. You are giving the children of Miami way too much credit — as well as the fact that children should have no reason to be at a festival like Ultra. Whatever terrible parents let their kids into that place should be publicly shamed. Dana Hatred


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