Reader Mail: Anwar Zayden Is a Legend

Legend on a Horse

Anwar Nu: I remember Anwar Zayden from when I worked at Club Nu in 1988 ("The Legend of Anwar," Kyle Swenson, April 3). I am surprised he is still alive. He was there all the time, along with his brother, who was always with him. The family owned the store, Frame Art, back in the day. Anwar was always a pretty cool dude overall. Last time I saw him was about 15 years ago at Publix. John C. Tucker

Anwar hot: I think he is hot ! I would love to meet him. He seems like a lot of fun. Charlotte Adams


Reader Mail: Anwar Zayden Is a Legend

Anwar jerky: His skin looks like turkey jerky, and he's just a self-indulgent asshole on a horse. Why do you write these things, and who is this guy? Bridget Doyle

Anwar Fabio Jr.: Fabio had a son? LMAO. Joseph Mazon

Anwar boot: Do women really find the old-leathery-skin look attractive? Dude looks like a boot. Alex Anico

Anwar true: To those complaining: I thought this was a little weird too. Then I checked out the dude's Instagram. Now I'm glad New Times showed me this man exists. Orlando De Frias

Bama's Race Problem

American greatness: Uncle Luke usually does play the race card, except this time, it's actually justifiable ("Bama's Bias," Luther Campbell, April 3). It's mind-boggling that such things still occur in the "great" U.S.A. of today. Anthôny 'Cho' Quìñonës

Two-way street: Things like this occur not only at Alabama but also at all campuses. And what about black sororities and fraternities? Do they need to abide by the same code? Caterina Pacheco Moniz

The Terror of TerRio

Stop ranking on the kid: Your article about the young internet sensation TerRio is lame ("Star Struck," Allie Conti, April 3). It irrelevantly attacks his management, parents, and TerRio himself, a 6-year-old boy. What type of low-life would even have the audacity to write such an article about a child? Take your ass back to community college and learn to write on topics worth researching. His management is the reason he's accomplished so much in the realm of entertainment. Otherwise, his buzz would've died on the Vine. To me, he represents possibilities. The fact that a young, ­African-American, overweight child coming from a family of poverty has pierced almost all ­aspects of the entertainment world, including national television, sports, and music, is an accomplishment indeed. All odds were against him, and writing articles like this will only empower him and his management. Miami89

Rank on his guardians: Seriously? You let your 6-year-old go live in Miami with some 25-year-old you don't know. Ooooookay. Mercy Suarez

Listen up: Hello? DCF? Are you out there? Clemente Morales

Ultra Horrible

Improve security: I was also a witness to the moment when a security guard was trampled by people trying to get into Ultra Music ­Festival without tickets ("Ultra Concerns," Michael E. Miller, April 3). Indeed, it was the most horrible and scary thing I've seen. I escaped just in time because I was walking between the fence and the people who ran toward it. I think this could have been avoided. There were no police officers nearby. I don't think Ultra should be cancelled, because it brings a lot of money to ­Miami. But I do think they should take better security measures. pvd1

Blame the mayor: That stampede was very primeval, but the mayor is saying he wants to kill this event, which brings not only lots of money to the city, but also entertainment to our youth. The city should have inspected the venue and spotted this weakness in the structure. If anybody is to be blamed for this horrible event, it is the mayor himself. Caio Graco Portes

Calm down!: Stop the nonsense, people! Ultra is not going anywhere; we will continue hosting the event and collecting its money. The security guard is not even dead. Give us a break. Joseph Mazon

Get better taste: My suggestions: (1) Move the venue to Sun Life Stadium. Downtown doesn't need the hassle, and the stadium can better handle douchebags who want to crash fences. (2) Don't criticize security when it is 150 or so against 50,000. What are they supposed to do? How are they supposed to please you? (3) Most of you need better taste in music. joholso95

Stop blaming: Ultra pays the City of Miami hundreds of thousands of dollars to help protect the gates from things like this. That said, where were they when these people were trying to get through the gate? Oh, they were just hanging out, walking around like they weren't working! (I saw this firsthand!) So yeah, please stop blaming the music event for others' actions. Nioyona Ellison


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