Oh, Snap. Obama Drama at Versailles

Melissa Dazquez is one ballsy Obama-lover. Two days ago, the twenty- three-year-old parked her car across from Versailles Cuban restaurant --Miami’s political equivalent of western Texas -- and took out a “Change ‘08” yard sign. Bracing herself, she turned on her video camera. (Footage is on the way.)

On a quest to raise awareness amongst Spanish-speaking Miamians, Dazquez figured Little Havana would be the right place to change a few minds. To win an election, you’ve gotta understand your opponents, right?

It was a nice idea, anyway.

Here’s her recount of what went down with the customers:

“They got nasty. I’m a little overweight, so they told me: ‘You’re fat. With Obama as president, there will be no food.’ They called me a terrorist, a communist, a disgrace. A lady told me that, with Obama, America will cry blood. An old man grabbed his genitals and called me a lesbian. He said, ‘You have black babies.’” (Wait. Lesbians can make babies now?! That’s what we should be blogging about.)

What the haters didn’t know: Dazquez is Cuban, too, damn it. So, all was not a total failure. One good exchange came from the mess. An elderly woman crossed the street, marched over to her, and confessed that she once supported Fidel Castro. “When I was young, I did the same thing, hoping for change. But look what happened,” she said.

Dazquez assured her the U.S. Constitution -- and the country’s love affair with capitalism – will prevent Obama from suddenly morphing into Castro-monster. The woman looked at Dazquez incredulously. Then she returned to her black beans and yellow rice.

--Natalie O'Neill


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