News Roundup

  • Stocks soared yesterday (over 10,000!), but not for Miami Herald owner McClatchy. Revenue is down 23 percent from a year ago. [Bloomberg]
  • Jaclyn Torrealba's mom pleas with youngsters to listen to their parents. [Crimesider]
  • You know what just sounds so appetizing right now? A gator burger. Thankfully, one of the largest gator-processing plants in the state is in Hallendale. [CBS4]
  • Norman Braman, brave hater of baseball, lost yet another appeal in his fight against the Marlins stadium. It might be time to give up on that, Norm. [CBS4]
  • The Miami Heat doesn't care about adding more star players -- it'll make do with its untested young-uns, thank you very much. [USAToday]
  • Here is an inspiring story about Michael Greco, UCF player from Miami, who will probably watch his team get clobbered by the school he grew up admiring. [OSent]


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