• MDC's Wolfson Campus will hold a public screening of the Michael Jackson Memorial today. [Herald]
  • Someone went on a car vandalizing spree in Hialeah. [CBS4]
  • Charlie Crist has a pretty humble net worth for a high-profile politician. [NakedPolitics]
  • Meanwhile, Marco Rubio is $900,000 in debt. [NakedPolitics]
  • A new park-and-ride lot will open in Cutler Bay. [SFBJ]
  • Halle Berry is in town, y'all. [BuzzNet]
  • Paris Hilton will be back in a Miami courtroom Thursday as part of her legal tangling with the producers of her arthouse hit Pledge This! [Herald]

News Roundup


  • The Miami Hurricanes are doing a respectable job of recruiting for 2010. [Herald]


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