Miami Slang Glossary: Pero Like, It's Super-Definitive, Bro

Miami Slang Glossary: Pero Like, It's Super-Definitive, Bro

Some visitors might prepare for a trip to Miami by brushing up on their high school Spanish. Which is silly because most of the people they'll actually run into here speak English. Sure, the English here may be peppered with Spanglish phrases and local sayings, and is often delivered in the distinct Miami dialect. So to help our city's many visitors, Riptide has put together a handy glossary of Miami slang. Common words and phrases are defined, and some are used in sentences (often in the way they would be commonly heard in Miami, and then how the phrases might be used if they ever escaped the 305).

Of course, our glossary is a work in progress. If we've missed anything, feel free to add it in the comments, and if it's legit, we'll gladly add it to the Miami Slang Glossary.

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Bro - Pretty much anyone being addressed regardless of gender or age. The term is often used to begin or end a sentence.

  • "Bro, like, let's go to the Beach and get a bottle tonight, bro."
  • "Bro, your home loan has not been approved."

Broward - Unless specifics are truly needed (and they rarely are), pretty much anywhere in Broward County is referred to simply as Broward. In fact, most of southern Palm Beach County can also be referred to as Broward.

  • "He says he goes to FAU, but I'm not going to drive all the way up to Broward to see him."
  • "Toronto is so far north it's practically in Broward."

Bueno - Translates to "good" but is peppered through Spanglish liberally and can mean things like "well," depending upon the context.

Cafecito - Cuban espresso made from a dark roast coffee with a sugary cream added to the pitcher. Also, the reason you will rarely hear the word "espresso" in Miami outside of Starbucks or fancy restaurants.

Casa Yuca - Somewhere extremely far out of the way. Other variations include BFE (butt-fuck Egypt) and casa de carajo.

  • "I have a date tonight, but I have to drive all the way to Casa Yuca to pick her up."
  • "Amazon doesn't add any extra charges to ship to Casa Yuca."

Chanx - The shortened form of chancletas (the Spanish word for flip-flops). Not only a popular footwear option in Miami, but also a popular child-rearing tool.

  • "Grab your chanx -- we're going to the beach."
  • "Karl Lagerfeld shocked the fashion world today by unveiling a groundbreaking collection of Chanel chanx."

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