Bill O'Reilly: Vets Don't Live Under Bridges. Right?

Bill O'Reilly: Vets Don't Live Under Bridges. Right?

During a recent interview with radio host Ed Schultz, Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly ridiculed John Edwards for asserting that nearly two hundred thousand vets are homeless.

“If you know where there’s a veteran sleeping under a bridge,” O’Reilly proclaimed, “you call me immediately.”

We thought we’d do our part: Bill, meet Tex.

He's the guy pictured above. He's a vet, and he sleeps under a bridge, just a block away from the Veterans Administration, here in Miami. He’s a helluva nice guy.

The VA, by the way, estimates that the number of homeless veterans is about 196,000. According to a report issued by the Interagency Council on Homelessness, one-third of all adult homeless men have served in the armed forces.

Too bad, Bill – we know you meant well. If you get tired insulting veterans, there’s always women, minorities, and the elderly. I mean, are they really that old? Or are they faking it . . .

-- Isaiah Thompson

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