Armesto Watch

Last week excitable Take Back Miami-Dade spokesman Eladio José Armesto and his merry gang of anti-homosexualist pranksters used Spanish-language media to pummel their foes at SAVE Dade/Say No to Discrimination. Spanish-language radio commercial: Boy: "Mommy, mommy, they're discriminating against me because I'm a Boy Scout." Mother: "Don't worry. On September 10 we're going to vote Yes to revoke the sexual-orientation amendment." Male announcer: "Don't be confused. On Tuesday, September 10, vote Yes for our children and our families. Vote Yes to revoke the dangerous sexual-orientation amendment." Spanish-language flyer: "Don't let Janet Reno get away with her tricks! She deported the defenseless boy Elian. She persecuted the Boy Scouts. Now she wants to prevent us from revoking the dangerous 'sexual orientation' amendment that gives special privileges to homosexuals, bisexuals, and transsexuals.... Homosexualist extremists have used the amendment to: Deny funds to the Boy Scouts and youth organizations that help poor children in our community and that protect these children against declared homosexuals. Use your taxes to promote homosexuality among kindergarten children, WITHOUT parental consent. And this is just the beginning! Homosexualists want to get rid of all laws protecting children and adolescents from sexual abuse and exploitation."


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