Song Spotlight: Phatz - "Imma Mess"

Song Spotlight: Phatz - "Imma Mess"

Carol City's Phatz has stayed busy as of late. A couple months ago in late March, we featured his mixtape Palm Trees & Bomb Weed as our mixtape of the week. The release received a good amount of attention and praise locally, and Phatz even went on to release videos for a couple of the standout songs. 

One of these was the hard-hitting, yet laid-back "Imma Mess," produced by Tracy Brown and Vince the Prince. The beat itself is very hypnotic and extremely addicting, and would almost make any non-rapper want to become one. The lyrics, meanwhile, are built on a sing-song melody that describes "staying fresh," cup of Henny at hand, admiring the presence of beautiful women. 

Phatz rhymes in the first verse:

All black is the theme for the evenin'
A Couple goons, some bitches and a few heathens
Please believe 'em, why would I lie
Cell phone, paparazzi when I walk by....

It's a good chill-back-and-sip-a-drink type of song. Phatz, as always, shows his braggadocious flows over great production, and a completely original song. While nothing is really thought-provoking on this one, that shouldn't stop you for giving this song or the mixtape a quick download. Listen below.

MP3: Phatz - Imma Mess


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