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Otto von Schirach and AholSniffsGlue Team Up for "Biscayne Block Boyz" Music Video

Yesterday was the world premiere of Otto von Schirach’s newest video for “Biscayne Block Boyz." At first glance, the four-minute video seems like an acid trip of bass, but even that fails to capture the gestalt of the work and its pure Miami-ness.

“All love, zero budget,” is how artist and creator of the Biscayne World documentary AholSniffsGlue explains it. The decision to team up with von Schirach for the new video was a no-brainer for the Miami artist. “I’ve always been a big a fan of Otto and his aesthetics," he says. "He is Biscayne World, and I feel like a part of the Bermuda Triangle family. It’s all Miami love.” Ahol’s documentary, created with Borsht Film Festival backing and help from animators Michael Arcos and Marnie Ellen, received a huge boost earlier this year when it was selected as a Vimeo Staff Pick for its public release.

It now sits just shy of 48,000 views. The documentary introduced the world to Ahol's now iconic cast of characters that he observed on Biscayne Boulevard public transportation. So when von Schirach began fleshing out his “Biscayne Block Boyz” track, it only made sense to marry the two worlds.

“This music video project was more of a way to build on the Biscayne World madness,” explains Ahol. “My neighbors Arthur Baute and Desi Cuevas were into my work and even did a few animations for the original movie, and they were into taking on the idea of animating a music video. Once they were onboard, Otto went back to work and made the song complete from beginning to end, and that's how it happened.”

Coño, tremenda pinta. There are some supermaniacs in the Triangle, and some walk the streets of Biscayne daily,” Schirach says  in his typical folkloric manner, a tropical amalgam of Kenneth Anger magicks, Alejandro Jodorowsky illusion, and Teutonic industrial rock. “Biscayne Boulevard is one of the many portals in the Triangle. It’s such a powerful street with tons of magic. Some say Biscayne is one of the exact points on the Bermuda Triangle.”

Maybe an acid trip isn't too bad a description after all. Still, for all its weirdness, the video does feel authentically South Florida. Followers of von Schirach on Instagram (and any other social media platform, really) will get a kick of the bus crashing into a fruit stand — no casual coincidence given his bizarre, spiritual relationship with the papaya.

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