Miami Bass' Ten Best Producers and Musicians

Joe Stone, writer/producer of L'Trimm's "Cars That Go Boom."
Joe Stone, writer/producer of L'Trimm's "Cars That Go Boom."

Miami is the undisputed world heavyweight champion of bass, and the globe's leading progenitor of trunk rattle, rear-view shake, and total body thump.

The genre is a direct descendent of Pretty Tony's freestyle productions, and Henry Stone's earlier indie R&B Pop. It's the single hardest electronic boom in the universe, and proud of it.

Joe Stone, son of kingpin Henry, helped bring that hard-knock Miami bass baby into the world. And alongside a talented bevvy of behind-the-scenes players from Orlando to the MIA, he was there turning knobs and flipping switches to drop the first extended 808 kick that set it all off.

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Joe Stone says, "Thing about me, I'm not a historian with bass. I was just fuckin' there making it. Dig? With bass, freestyle, techno, the x-rated Fly Boys stuff, I was participating, creating, manufacturing, distributing, marketing, and promoting it.

"I can't tell you all the names of everybody involved. We'll leave that to PappaWheelie and his Miami Bass History project.

"I don't even own most of the records I produced and wrote. That doesn't get me going. What got me going was being a part of creating the music and making opportunities available to other artists, producers, engineers, and musicians.

"And for a time, I was one of those guys in it. I'm creative, but I always make opportunities available for others. So that's where I'm at.

"Back then, me and Steven J Grey were the only white guys at the Pac Jam. I would take my x-rated Fly Boys records, hand 'em to Disco Ricky to throw on the turntables, and then when everybody left, I had the trunk of my car open selling 'em for three bucks a pop.

"It was fun as shit. It was crazy. Here are some of the other people I remember."

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