Woo the Bosh

The Miami Heat has been teetering between the eighth and ninth playoff seed in the East and trying to stay consistent against the likes of the lowly 76ers and craptastic Clippers. Although Miami has Dwyane Wade denting asses on a nightly basis, the rest of the rotation has been hit-or-miss all year. For all of its grit and determination, this team just doesn't have the feel of a squad that will go deep in this year's NBA playoffs. What the Heat (and, really, D-Wade) needs is a stud like Chris Bosh, whose Toronto Raptors visit the American Airlines Arena this Sunday. Of course, the Heat will have its chance at getting Bosh this summer. So once again, Heat fans, it's your duty to show up and show Chris he's wanted here. Bring signs, serenades, gifts, first-born children — whatever it takes. We're all counting on you!
Sun., March 28, 6 p.m., 2010


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