Where Itchy Hands Get Scratched

So what if you’re a tomboy who can play with the big boys? As the late, great James Brown once screamed, “This is a man’s world,” so the ladies need to have each other’s backs. Simone Kelly-Brown, president and CEO of Gots to Have It Marketing, has created a venue for people with two X chromosomes to meet, share ideas, and pick each other’s brains. It’s called Give ´N Take, and the concept is simple: You give resources or connections and then take the same from other women. So, you ask, how does this go down without any bitch fits? Each woman has an index card where she writes what she wants to “give” on one side and then what she wants to “take” on the other. And plenty of backs are scratched, bridges are built, jobs are found, and cosmos are conquered.
Mon., Jan. 22, 6:30-9:30 p.m.


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