Waiting for the Sky to Fall

It’s safe to say Miami Dolphins fans have the psyche of a plumber who has had too many toilets explode in his face. This season the team is a legit contender for not only a playoff spot but also the AFC East title. Midway into the season, the Fins are 4-4. This is huge, because Miami hasn’t been at or above .500 since 2003. That’s five years of our lives dipped into the shallow cesspools of mediocrity. If the Dolphins finish 10-6 or better, fans won’t know what to do with themselves. It helps that Miami has a fairly easy home schedule, including this Sunday’s matchup against the rather dysfunctional Oakland Raiders at Dolphin Stadium (2269 Dan Marino Blvd., Miami Gardens).

But we’re here to tell you it’s okay to watch and support this team again. It’s okay to have high expectations. We’re the Dolphins, damn it! Now go clean that shit off your face and cheer for our boys! Kickoff is tentatively scheduled for 1 p.m.
Sun., Nov. 16, 2008


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