They’re Expressing Themselves

File this under “truth is stranger than fiction” — a modern dance company coming to Miami Beach is performing a ballet based on The Price Is Right. Seriously. The Australia-based Expressions Dance Company’s latest work, Score!, is based on the behind-the-scenes action at a reality TV game show. If there has ever been a modern dance performance we’d like to see, this is it. We picture garishly costumed screaming dancers flailing their arms and chasing an elderly host around the stage as they try to hug him. He runs, scared that they will excitedly crush his brittle bones like twigs. Throw in a game of Plinko, and a dance is born!

This probably won’t happen in the performance; the real thing fuses text, dance, and visual media, and will probably be weirder. But this is part of Miami Dade College’s Cultura del Lobo performance series, so we’re pretty sure it will be weird in a good way.
Fri., March 30, 8 p.m.


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