Show Local Love for Whole Foods

When organic food Shangri-la Whole Foods opened on South Beach, health nuts rejoiced. Finally it wouldn’t take a drive across the causeway to find a farmers’ market with pesticide-free apples. The Alton Road location is clearly more intimate than other sites, but what’s a little elbow rubbing when you can shove flaxseeds, French rosés, and hand-cured prosciutto into your basket. And in true SoBe fashion, this place has more events than Club Mansion. From tours to tea with local lawmakers and weight-loss lectures, Whole Foods offers more than nourishment for your bod — it actually feeds your mind too.

This Sunday, the market will celebrate its inventory with the first annual 3. Florida-based vendors such as Orchid Island Juice Company, Kopali Organics, and Bradford Tonic will be on hand to give samples and info about their goodies lining the shelves. The point is to show you how important supporting local businesses is to our economy and environment. A steel drum player will crank out some tunes to get you in the mood for shopping. The fair takes place from noon to 3 p.m. at 1020 Alton Rd., Miami Beach.
Sat., Jan. 17, 2009


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