Scarred for Life

Ask twenty rappers what their favorite film is, and you’ll get the same answer over and over again: Brian De Palma’s Scarface, 1983’s bleak snow globe of a movie written by Oliver Stone in the midst of a yayo hangover. The film recalls a flurry of iconic images that speak directly to Miami’s seamy history. According to the Just the Funny improv comedy troupe, no film is more ideal for parody. Howl with laughter at the debut of its Director’s Cut series, which begins with a ribald ribbing of Scarface. Though the audience is encouraged to bring props, founding member David Christopher assures the cast is well prepared for this particular challenge. “We have our own cocaine. It isn’t real, but I won’t tell you what’s in it. We have the M-16, the bling, the Hawaiian shirts ... we’re ready,” he laughs. Snicker at Scarface tonight at 9:00 or later at 11:00 at the Miami Museum of Science and Planetarium. Tickets range from five to ten dollars. Call 305-693-8669, or visit
Sat., July 1


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