Killin’ ’Em for Condos

According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (, our pine rockland habitat is in poor condition. The rocklands, exclusive to South Florida, are specially adapted to seasonal wildfires and “the lack of soil on the exposed limerock.” Furthermore, these unique and globally imperiled surroundings are associated with the Florida panther, black bear, and bald eagle. The key to conservation is education, so learn more about the pine rocklands by experiencing them yourself. Take a guided walking tour with a Metrozoo-approved expert and learn why our native pinelands are so important to the complex ecosystem that makes up our environment.

With the rate of construction and urban sprawl Miami-Dade is experiencing, it might not be long before this habitat is completely gone. By seeing it firsthand, you can at least tell your kids what it was like. Tours take place weekdays at Miami Metrozoo, 12400 SW 152nd St., Miami. Schedule yours by calling 305-255-5551. Visit
Starts: Aug. 6. Daily, 2008


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