He’s So Fine

Miami men are stylish, slick, and fastidiously groomed. Head to South Beach and you’ll find throngs of dudes in designer labels queuing up outside nightclubs and at elegantly sweaty bars. Now there is a new place for all the fine young males to be admired, and it takes a page from a leading men’s lifestyle magazine. For two fashionable weekends in December, the GQ Lounge at Hotel Victor will be an exclusive mecca for hot guys. The celebration kicks off tonight with a Battle of the DJs. New York’s DJ Ruckus, LA’s DJ Pesce, and Miami’s own DJ Irie will face off for national turntable supremacy. The party will be bangin’ from 9:00 to midnight. On Saturday night, professional umbrella holder turned nattily dressed music video sidekick Fonzworth Bentley will perform alongside DJ Irie. Upcoming GQ Lounge events include an evening with sexy blue-eyed soul crooner Robin Thicke and a spa evening for men who deserve to be pampered. Free tickets to the GQ Lounge must be ordered in advance.
Fri., Dec. 1, 9-midnight


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