Fete for Femmes

A sea of breasts and not a penis among them. For 11 years, Aqua Girl has been gathering the lesbian community for a weekend of nonstop partying on South Beach. Finally, women who love women can feel comfortable letting loose away from the ogling eyes of men. Join this Thursday’s kickoff event, the Traffic Jam party at Dream Nightclub, where you can tell which gal is taken and which is single by the color of her glow necklace. The party starts at 10 p.m., and tickets cost $10. Other highlights include Friday’s comedy night with Second City alumna Elvira Kurt at the Colony Theatre and the Havana Nights party at Nikki Beach. The festivities climax Saturday at the Aqua Beach Pool Party, a girls-only affair at the Doubletree Surfcomber, which will feature DJ Pat Pat, DJ Saratonin, and the Miami Heat Dancers. And for ladies with GBFFs (gay best friends forever), Sunday’s Aqualicious Tea Dance at Klutch is a fully coed party with music by DJ and recent tabloid fodder Tracy Young. A weekend pass to Aqua Girl events costs $109. All proceeds benefit the Aqua Foundation for Women, which awards grants and scholarships to gals active in the LGBT community.
Thu., May 13, 2010


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