Closer Look: Lucali in Sunset Harbour

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It's dusk on a Saturday, and I'm asking Javier, the waiter, to add $8 artichokes to my $24 pizza. The Colombian 20-something with a Salvador Dalí mustache squats in front of my table, strokes his whiskers, and looks cool. "One calzone with shallots and porcini," he parrots. "And a pie with garlic, basil, and artichokes." I order a few beers and try not to think about the bill, which already exceeds $60.

At Lucali, a 4-month-old pizza place in South Beach's Sunset Harbour, I dread the check like Amanda Bynes fears the tabloids. In front of Javier and his mustache, though, I can't lose my composure. He's just so damn cool.

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