Zagat Says Python-Topped Pizza in Ft. Myers Best Represents Florida

Zagat has declared the "Everglades Pizza" at Evan's Neighborhood Pizza in Ft. Myers as the pizza that best represents the state of Florida.

The pie contains somewhat, er, original toppings, such as python, whole frog legs, and alligator sausage. It also costs $45 for a 14-inch pie.

You may remember a while back when Zagat, in another one of its "50 States" articles, suggested that the Cuban sandwich contains salami -- the way it's made in Tampa.

Does it seem to anyone else like Zagat intentionally snubs Miami?

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If you were to choose a sandwich that represents Florida, it would be the Cuban sandwich -- you know, the real one that we make here in the 305. And if you were to select a pizza to represent us, wouldn't it be the thick-crust, light on the sauce, heavy on the cheese, Cuban pizza?

I mean, Everglades Pizza is only served in one restaurant in the entire state. How does that represent the rest of Florida? Ft. Myers isn't even popular, for chrissakes. It's a hole-in-the-wall vacation spot for people who can't afford the Keys.

Apparently, Zagat thinks our state is just one big ole swamp, one best represented by an Everglades-themed pizza. But the ingredients aren't even from Florida, according to the restaurant owner, Evan Daniel. The python is shipped from Vietnam and the frog legs from China.

He told Zagat: "I didn't know if it would last. But people come across the coast to get it now, and we'll get guys on dares and people coming out to order one for their birthday."

Exactly. I can see eating his pizza as a dare, for a novel experience, or for Twitter-bragging, but does Zagat really consider it the best choice to represent Florida's pies?

The type of pizza served at restaurants like Montes de Oca and Rey's Pizza is much more representative of Florida's individual pizza-style. Cuban pizza stands out from other types of pizza, but it's also widely consumed. And seriously, who the hell has tried this rare Everglades pizza?

Zagat needs to stop ignoring the fact that Miami is Florida's food mecca.

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