Yelp Now Lets You Find Miami Restaurants With PokeStops

Pokémon Go has taken over Miami. Monsters with names like Charmander, Rattata, and Weedle are all over the city, turning parks and streets into a massive hunt for these virtual critters.  

Of course, to capture these creatures, you have to enlist the assistance of PokéStops. And what if your real-world stomach starts growling while you're looking for imaginary monsters? 

You'll need a restaurant that also acts as a PokéStop. Luckily, Yelp now has a filter that helps you find just that. The filter is available on both the mobile app and the website. 

Launched this past Friday, the feature enables you to seek out bars and restaurants that are also PokéStops.
Just start a regular search (like "dinner," for example). Several filters will then pop up, including the PokéStop feature. Click on the option, and all restaurants with a PokéStop will appear, along with a handy map. 

According to Miami Yelp community manager Cassie Glenn, mobile users are asked a question when they check in to businesses if there is a PokéStop nearby. "That means the information is expanding all the time, with Yelp users encouraged to help out to aid fellow trainers in catching more Pokémon."

A recent search of restaurants open for dinner in Wynwood with PokéStops resulted in a bevy of restaurants, including Kush, Beaker & Gray, Alter, Kyu, and R House.

The only question, of course, is whether you have to pick up the tab for Pikachu's meal if you catch him inside Alter. Game on, you hungry hunters.
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