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Winter Wonderlamb at the Dutch: Lamb Meets a Mystery Basket of Ingredients

The Winter WonderLamb dinner took place recently on a perfectly gorgeous night on the terrace of the Dutch. Catherine Golding, a meat expert from Australia, arrived in Miami about a month ago and rounded up 15 chefs. She educated them on new lamb trends, how to properly butcher the animal, and then separated them into teams to cook up their best dish.

Sounding a bit like Top Chef? Well, yes, absolutely it was. Indeed, each team received a mystery basket of ingredients.

Josh Elliott from L'echon Brasserie received a Spanish influenced basket with manchego, top blade beef, melon, and serrano. The team's dish ended with a top blade beef sashimi, with compressed melon, honey, and serrano with lamb shank meatballs and potatoes confit.

Sean Brasel from the Meat Market had a boneless Aussie lamb loin with cranberry mustard, pistachio, krispy kale, and aji amarillo pumpkin puree.

Conor Hanlon of the Dutch had a delicious Vadouvan curried Aussie lamb stew on grilled pita.

OTC showed up big time with a crowd favorite of Aussie lamb meatballs that were flying off the table.

Edge came out strong with Aussie lamb and pistachio terrine with sweet and spicy mustard and pickles as well as Aussie lamb roasted with preserved lemons, salsa verde, white bean and olive salad.

Such a successful night of lamb delicacies. The gift bag stomped all other gift bags with a huge frozen cut of lamb, a book of recipes, and a perfect sized soft cooler. The night was lambtastic!

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Holly Wachowicz
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