Your Trader Joe's Thanksgiving Shopping List

Get ready for Thanksgiving at Trader Joe's.
Get ready for Thanksgiving at Trader Joe's. Photo by Joe Raedle / Getty Images
Thanksgiving is creeping up on us. If you're hosting, the pressure is on. If you're visiting family or friends, don't show up empty-handed. Whether you're planning the feast or bringing a side, Trader Joe's is a mecca for holiday finds. We scoured the aisles of your favorite grocery store to find the best items for your Thanksgiving table. Best of all: Almost everything on this list is under $10.
click to enlarge Trader Joe's appetizers - PHOTO BY NICOLE ZIMMERMAN
Trader Joe's appetizers
Photo by Nicole Zimmerman

Appetizers and Bites

Thanksgiving celebrations usually start early with snacking. The frozen section at Trader Joe's is ideal to get those appetizers on the table quickly and free up your oven for the main event. TJ's has added a few new options to its repertoire this year: savory corn pie ($6.49), French onion soup bites ($4.49), Camembert and cranberry sauce phyllo bites ($3.99), cauliflower and onion dip ($3.29), and mini quiche ($3.99) are all fast and easy ways to keep family sated while the game is on and the turkey is resting.
click to enlarge Trader Joe's cranberry sauce - PHOTO BY NICOLE ZIMMERMAN
Trader Joe's cranberry sauce
Photo by Nicole Zimmerman

Turkey and the Fixings

Find a slew of turkeys, including organic options and brined, all-natural young birds fed an all-vegetarian diet, with no animal byproducts and no antibiotics. Fresh turkeys cost $1.99 to $3.49 per pound. Another great option when you're not cooking for a small army is Trader Joe’s brined bone-in half turkey breast in garlic butter ($6.99). And when someone at the table is vegan, the Turkey-less Stuffed Roast ($12.99) will make everyone feel included.

You can't have turkey without gravy and cranberry sauce. Trader Joe's sells multiple selections of each, including classic turkey gravy ($3.99) and an organic vegan gravy made with mushrooms and spices ($3.79). Traditional cranberry sauce ($3.49) goes a long way, but add Trader Joe's cranberry-orange relish ($3.49) to the mix for an additional seasonal touch.
click to enlarge Trader Joe's stuffing - NICOLE ZIMMERMAN
Trader Joe's stuffing
Nicole Zimmerman

Side Dishes

Trader Joe's has sides to please every member of the family. Because cauliflower is the shiny new toy on any dinner plate, TJ's now offers broccoli and cauliflower gratin ($3.99) that can easily be baked to cheesy perfection. Don't forget One Potato, Two Potato ($3.99), which combines regular and sweet potatoes with mushrooms.

No table is complete without stuffing and green bean casserole. Choose between a cornbread stuffing mix ($3.99) and a gluten-free stuffing mix ($5.99). Both will dress up the plate next to that turkey. Add TJ's gourmet fried onions ($2.99) to your green bean casserole for a savory crunch.
click to enlarge Trader Joe's pies - PHOTO BY NICOLE ZIMMERMAN
Trader Joe's pies
Photo by Nicole Zimmerman


Every Thanksgiving needs a pie, and Trader Joe's offers a few frozen ones that are time-savers when you're worrying about the main course. Try the Nantucket-style cranberry pie ($5.99), pumpkin cheesecake ($6.99), or rustic apple tart ($4.99) for some fall sweets.
click to enlarge Trader Joe's beer - PHOTO BY NICOLE CORNELLA
Trader Joe's beer
Photo by Nicole Cornella

Beer and Wine

It's Thanksgiving and you're surrounded by relatives you see once a year. You're gonna need booze. Affectionately known as "two-buck chuck," the Charles Shaw wine at Trader Joe's is rated well and tastes surprisingly delicious. Although not exactly two bucks anymore, a bottle runs about $4. Might as well grab a case. If the bargain brand isn't for you, there are plenty of other reasonably priced wines, as well as a good selection of beer.
click to enlarge Trader Joe's truffles - PHOTO BY NICOLE ZIMMERMAN
Trader Joe's truffles
Photo by Nicole Zimmerman

Hostess Gifts

A hostess gift goes a long way during the holidays. A bottle of wine is always a solid choice, but consider TJ's stockpile of festive treats perfect for giving. The Nutty Popcorn Trio ($6.99) — chocolate almond, macadamia caramel, and pecan praline popcorn — comes in a cute canister. The Boozy Little Chocolate Truffles have "a little bit of booze in each bite," including London gin, Scotch whisky, navy rum, and prosecco. They're ideal confections for indulging on the couch when the guests have left.

For more of TJ's holiday favorites, including recipes, check out the store's convenient shopping list.
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