Vegan Author Mark Reinfeld Offers Cooking Immersion Starting Monday

Mark Reinfeld is a vegan dynamo. Cookbooks, classes, retreats, online instructionals-- the award-winning culinarian covers plant-based eating from every angle. His organization, Vegan Fusion, is all about creating a better, healthier, more peaceful world -- and he's doing it through mouth-watering edibles like pistachio-crusted tofu and curried pumpkin soup.

Reinfeld will be on hand doing seminars and demos as part of the Seed Food & Wine Festival, October 20 - 22, plus he's hosting a 10-day cooking immersion starting this coming Monday, October 6.

Best of all, Reinfeld's not just visiting these parts. He recently relocated to Miami full-time. Check out what he had to say about the city's eating scene, his future plans, and the importance of quinoa.

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New Times: Why did you relocate to Miami?

Mark Reinfeld: I'm working on creating a retail food concept with a college friend who owns large organic farms in South Florida. We should be launching in maybe six to eight months. It's still in the development stage, but it's going to be a quick and easy place to pick up organic, plant-based cuisine. It'll have different components and highlight produce from the farm.

Previously, I was in Hawaii for about eight years. I had a restaurant there for six years called the Blossoming Lotus. For the last four years after that I've been traveling internationally and offering these culinary immersions and workshops.

What was the vegan scene like in Hawaii?

Well on Kaui we were the vegan scene in Hawaii [laughs]. We had an 85-seat restaurant plus a juice bar and bakery -- so it was a lot of amazing tropical fruits and produce from on-island.

What do you think about Miami's vegan eating scene? How does it compare to other cities?

I would say it's on the rise -- it's about to happen. I would say it's in the process of happening. Within a few years I think we'll catch up to some of the other vegan meccas.

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