Two Sisters Restaurant at Coral Gables Hyatt Serves Sweet Shrimp

As part of its varied menu, Two Sisters Restaurant inside the Coral Gables Hyatt presents a light, refreshing, and delicious appetizer: spiced sugar cane shrimp. Most of the flavor in this dish speaks for itself -- that is, it comes from the fresh, natural ingredients used.

Manager Fernando Dalborgo says, "The chef created this light summer dish by utilizing gold shrimp and seasonal fresh ingredients to capture the essence of the region."

Sprinkled with a light cumin dressing, the following ingredients really give this appetizer its spice: tomato, avocado, bell pepper, red onion, cilantro, sugar cane stick, spiced shrimp. Each of these ingredients is served at the right level of maturity. And the shrimp are well cooked and enormous. For a light and healthy dish full of natural flavor, the spiced sugarcane shrimp is the thing.

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