A Last-Minute Trader Joe's Holiday Shopping List

Forgot something for Nochebuena?
Forgot something for Nochebuena? Photo by Daniella Mía
click to enlarge Forgot something for Nochebuena? - PHOTO BY DANIELLA MÍA
Forgot something for Nochebuena?
Photo by Daniella Mía
From last-minute gifts for your doorman to no-fuss dessert options to make the holidays a tad easier, Trader Joe's has stepped up its holiday game this year with amazing last-minute finds. Most items are only available during the holiday season, so stock-up because before you know it, they're gone.

Here are a few of the best holiday finds at TJ's this season. And all are under $10.
click to enlarge Ginger Beer at Trader Joe's - PHOTO BY NICOLE ZIMMERMAN
Ginger Beer at Trader Joe's
Photo by Nicole Zimmerman

Holiday Beverages

Trader Joe's has a variety of holiday beverages to wet your whistle including coffees, egg nogs, creamers, beers and more. Everyone loves egg nog around the holidays and this year, grab the classic Trader Joe’s egg nog, Trader Joe’s light egg nog, or for your vegan friends, try the dairy-free and egg-less Trader Joe’s almond nog ($2.99).

Even in the warm weather, Floridians enjoy holiday-esque warm beverages. Try the gingerbread or Winter Blend coffee ($7.99) for a caffeinated boost or the peppermint hot chocolate ($4.99) for the little ones. Kick your coffee up a notch with TJ's Peppermint Mocha almond creamer that turns your coffee into a holiday treat.

Triple Ginger Beer ($2.99) comes in an old fashioned emerald green bottle and is a sign of the holidays at Trader Joe's. Use the Ginger Beer in this great Gingerosa recipe.
click to enlarge Charcuterie Options at Trader Joe's - PHOTO BY NICOLE ZIMMERMAN
Charcuterie Options at Trader Joe's
Photo by Nicole Zimmerman

Cheese, Charcuterie, and More

The cheese and meat options at TJ's to complete a charcuterie or grazing board are endless. Plus, there are holiday-inspired options like the fig or cranberry goat cheese log  ($3.99 - $4.49). Make your appetizer display stand out with the anitpasto assortment ($10.99), charcuterie pinwheels ($9.99) or mozzarella rolloni ($9.99). Add the scalloped cracker trio ($3.49) and the Step Up to the Snack Bar mix ($4,99) to complete your board. These items are only around this holiday season.
click to enlarge Holiday Ice Cream at Trader Joe's - PHOTO BY NICOLE ZIMMERMAN
Holiday Ice Cream at Trader Joe's
Photo by Nicole Zimmerman

Ice Cream and Dessert

Run to the freezer section to snag these items before they are long gone. The Candy Cane Joe-Joe's ice cream ($2.99) blends peppermint and vanilla flavors with fudge swirls and chunks of Candy Cane Joe-Joe's Cookies. Or try the Jingle Jangle Ice Cream ($2.99) with sweet cream ice cream, chocolate covered pretzels, peanut butter cups, red candy gems, and Joe-Joe's cookies.

If you're not an ice cream fan, try the mini cheesecake cones ($3.99), almond Florentine cones filled with creamy cheesecake, are the perfect bite-sized treat; or the I Dream of Chocolate cake ($6.99) that has two layers of dark chocolate cake with a layer of creamy chocolate filling. Also flying off the shelves are the chocolate lava gnocchi ($2.99). All will accent the dessert table.
click to enlarge Panetonne at TraderJoe's - PHOTO BY NICOLE ZIMMERMAN
Panetonne at TraderJoe's
Photo by Nicole Zimmerman

Gift Items

Last-minute grocery and gift items all in one spot. TJ's has great gift items to stock-up on for your doorman, postal worker, co-workers or hairdresser. The D.I.Y Holiday Ornament Cookie Kit is a cute option for kids to keep them entertained while you are preparing the holiday meal. Trader Joe's Panettone is a holiday staple in any Italian household and makes a great addition to the dessert table or a hostess gift. Splurge on the large cachet premium Belgian chocolates box because nothing says happy holidays like an arms-length of chocolates. Fill the kids' stockings with some chocolate Coins of the World ($1.99).

If you are looking for something non-edible, check out the Candle Tin Trio or the Body Butter Trio. Both $7.99 holiday exclusives are perfect to show your appreciation during the holidays.

Always check the website for new items at TJ's and its Fearless Flyer for more exclusive holiday finds. 
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