Top Five Movie Food Fights of All Time

Sometimes when we're feeling low we head down to the mall, hide behind a plastic bush, and throw pieces of food-court meatballs, ranch soaked lettuce, and mustard fries at people until a food fight erupts. Then we run up the stairs, film it, and post the results online. For legal reasons we can't show you those videos, but we bring you these top 5 movie food fights of all time. These great food fight moments of film will make you laugh, they might make you cry, they might make you barf. Enjoy.

5. PCU - The meat drop scene in this movie about a super politically correct University and the misfits who challenge it is hilarious and infinitely rewatchable.

4. Little Darlings - The food fight is traditionally considered the domain of kids. Here's a bunch of them throwing stuff at each other.

3.The Great Race - Except for Ali G the only time British people are funny is when it comes to food. Here's an excellent pie fight that proves it.

2.Problem Child 2 - Because everybody who has ever heard him has wanted to throw something at Gilbert Gottfried.

1.Animal House - Belushi rules.

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Jacob Katel
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