Cheesecake ice creamEXPAND
Cheesecake ice cream
Photo by Maureen Aimee Mariano

Top Five Instagram-Worthy Desserts in Wynwood

It’s no surprise that Wynwood, the heartbeat of Miami’s art scene, proffers a blooming paradise of confections. This #foodporn glistens in the sun and oozes chocolatey goodness. Make your Instagram followers drool (and double-tap) when you try just a handful of the neighborhood’s most photogenic desserts that taste as divine as they look. After all, if you don’t Instagram it, does it really exist? 

S'mores pieEXPAND
S'mores pie
Photo by Maureen Aimee Mariano
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 5. Fireman Derek’s World Famous Pies
Few things are as synonymous with holiday dessert as pie. At Fireman Derek's Bake Shop & Café, you can celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas year-round. Ring the alarm for this Wynwood pie shop, located at 2818 N. Miami Ave., and its overflowing sinful selection of flaky, gooey concoctions that you can buy for $5 to $6 per slice. Whole pies sell for $20 and up. Sure, the world-famous salted caramel crack pie is killer. But the s’mores pie, made with chocolate, toasted marshmallows, and a graham cracker crust, is a real looker, with a taste that’s a slice above the rest.

Chocolate macaron ice-cream sandwichEXPAND
Chocolate macaron ice-cream sandwich
Photo by Maureen Aimee Mariano

4. Proof Pizza & Pasta
Technically, Proof Pizza & Pasta (3328 N. Miami Ave.) isn’t in Wynwood (though shares the same zip code), but this midtown storefront dishes out a delicious kind of pie. End your Neapolitan-inspired meal on a high note with Proof's dessert. Despite their extravagant prices, macarons seem to never go out of style, and here they come as big as burgers. Vanilla ice cream with toasted almonds and marshmallows is sandwiched between a monstrous chocolate macaron for $7. It's slightly crunchy on the outside, smooth and creamy on the inside. Your friends will want to see what heaven looks like.

Matcha tea gelatoEXPAND
Matcha tea gelato
Photo by Maureen Aimee Mariano

3. Latteria Italiana
Another laid-back joint close to Wynwood is midtown’s Latteria Italiana (3301 NE First Ave.). Engage all your senses for a true Italian experience featuring Nutella espressos, homemade piadinas, Italy-imported pastas, and flavors upon flavors of house-made artisanal gelato that start at $4.90 a serving. Salt-and-pepper pistachio? Check. Strawberry and lime? Double check. And the newest flavor churned out for the new year: matcha tea. Expect a velvety texture with a rich, aromatic taste that lingers long after your last spoonful. Plus, the blue-tile walls and charming antique finishes are the perfect backdrop.

2. Serendipity Creamery 

Cheesecake ice creamEXPAND
Cheesecake ice cream
Photo by Maureen Aimee Mariano

Wynwood’s first ice-cream shop is a flamingo-covered, closet-size space that serves huge ice cream, frozen yogurt, and sorbet flavors on 421 NW 26th St. This is Serendipity Creamery’s first outpost, with the original located in Surfside. Purists can enjoy the mint chip or cookie dough, but the magic lies in a comforting cup of blueberry crumble or a scoop of tangy cheesecake ice cream loaded with chunks of cheesecake. Prices range from $4 to $6 depending upon the size.

An assortment of doughnutsEXPAND
An assortment of doughnuts
Photo by Maureen Aimee Mariano

1. The Salty Donut
After waiting for what seemed like eternity, the Magic City will soon be the official home to a craft doughnut and coffee shop, opening this February or March at 50 NW 24th St. Until then, Miamians have to fall in line Friday through Sunday at the Salty Donut’s highly buzzed-about pop-up shop at 29 NW 24th St. in Wynwood. Sink your teeth into these warm, pillowy, otherworldly creations, from guava and cheese ($3.25) to spiked doughnut holes ($5 for a half-dozen). You'll be dunkin' in love.

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