Top 10 Fried Junk Foods

Sugary junk food is the second greatest source of pleasure known to mankind. The rush of sugar and calories is nearly unbeatable. So how to go it one better? Batter it and and put it in a deep fryer. These are Short Order's wicked favorites


9. Granola Bar

Though granola bars are often thought of as a healthy snack, most

are made with chocolate and processed peanut butter or some other ingredient to

make the oats taste good. The bad news is that granola bars usually aren't healthy

and are more like glorified candy bars. The good news is they taste even better

when they are battered and fried.


8. Devil Dogs


cream-filled devil food's cake becomes heaven on a plate when battered and



7. Oreos


snack that launched the trans fat debate was destined to appear on this list. There

are a million ways to eat an Oreo, but  battered and deep fried, they can be a perfect mix of texture, sweet and fat.


6. Lucky Charms


gurus have tricked us all into believing that sugar-filled cereals are part of

a balanced breakfast. Lucky Charms really only fulfill this role if you add fruit, whole grain toast that tastes like cardboard and some freshly

squeezed orange juice. But what fun is balance? Instead, why not just cut out the good

stuff and fry the bad. This can be a

balanced part of your late night cravings. The marshmallow charms melt so they

no longer resemble the fun shapes, but look more like artificial color blobs. It tastes even

better than it looks!



4. Milk Duds


Milk Duds are like bite-size fried candy bars and we all know that you

can't go wrong with fried candy bars. The caramel filling of the milk duds melts

when fried, but becomes more


2. Double Fried Donut


are already fried and delicious. The only thing that could possibly make them

even moreso is to batter the donuts and fry them again. Double the fat

means double the pleasure.



Candy Bars


candy bars became a worldwide phenomenon when someone with a fryer, some batter

and a lot of time on their hands pioneered the favorite fair food. After biting

through the sweet battered coating and reaching the candy bar, you will find the chocolate coating and all the fillings of the candy bar are infused

with extra grease and extra goodness.

Fried soda gets an honorable mention. How do you fry a liquid. Mix soda with batter. The result is soda flavored

batter, which can be sprinkled with powdered sugar or coated in chocolate


Some fried junk food is only good in theory, like bubblegum.

It was worth a try, but bubblegum did not make the top 10 list of fried foods.  Batter does not mix well with bubblegum

because you end up chewing on a bready substance that honestly just doesn't

taste very good. Another disadvantage of fried bubblegum is that it melts when

fried, so the liquid substance is not something you can actually chew. Although

we put in a valiant effort trying to come up with a new trend, you probably

won't be seeing fried bubblegum at a county fair anytime soon. 

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