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The Miami Condiments You Should Have in Your Kitchen

There's a case to be made that the more diverse a cuisine's array of condiments, the better a meal is likely to be. Pho, the Vietnamese beef soup, is often served with bean sprouts, spicy-minty Thai basil, lime wedges, fish sauce, chili sauce, and hoisin. Condiments are the foundation of America's marriage to hot dogs. And without the layer of cheese curds and gravy, Canada's beloved poutine would be a sad plate of French fries.

Miami, with its strange blend of food and cultures, has its own condiments that are as welcome in your refrigerator as they are on your table.

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Zachary Fagenson became the New Times Broward-Palm Beach restaurant critic in 2012 before taking up the post for Miami in 2014. He also works as a correspondent for Reuters.
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