The Great Food Truck Race Finale: Outtakes From The Cutting Room Floor

Food Network's The Great Food Truck Race Season Two finale aired last night, pitting Hodge Podge Truck against The Lime Truck for a briefcase full of cash ($100,000 to be exact) and bragging rights as the greatest food truck.

Though the trucks were filmed during a daring four-day stint in Miami, the footage was whittled down to one hour, including commercials. The show was also heavily edited, so that some scenes were out of sequence. Here are the four best scenes left on the cutting room floor:

Laine Doss
4. Little Havana Police Drama

On the Saturday evening of filming, show producers gave each truck a roadblock to

Little Havana. Both trucks headed over to Versailles Restaurant where

some of the funniest footage was filmed, starring one star-struck Miami

police officer.

Hodge Podge truck was parked in a taxi zone and

two police officers came over to have Chris Hodgson move his truck.

After some negotiation (and the offer of being on television), the

police officer not only consented to have his likeness used on tape (we

saw him sign a release form), but he did an additional "take" for the

camera, telling the Hodge Podge team they had to move their truck.


police officer then not only got into his car and directed the food

truck to park at a legal location a few blocks down, but he radioed in

to have a young (and burly) officer watch the truck for the next hour

until the operation was shut down for the evening by the producers.

Laine Doss
Lime friends and family flew in from California.
3. Tobacco Road, food trucks and Lime groupies

On Saturday afternoon, Hodge Podge was at a food truck roundup at Tobacco Road. On the scene were Miami trucks Latin Burger, The Fish Box, Dim Ssam a GoGo and gastroPod.

There was speculation that the Miami food trucks were giving an unfair

advantage to Chris Hodges and Hodge Podge truck by allowing the truck at


What many people didn't realize was that Lime had a

group of about 20 friends and family fly in from California to bring an

instant crowd and guaranty sales.

Laine Doss
2. Baru Urbano tips the scale in Lime's favor

On Monday morning, both trucks were about $1,500 short of their

$15,000 goal. Lime truck was parked in front of Baru Urbano and the

owner bought the last $146 of desserts to help Lime Truck reach its


Laine Doss
Lime's Jesse Brockman and Hodge Podge's Chris Hodgson film the Great Food Truck Race finale.
1. The Beach Finale

Let's all do the math on this one. The Lime Truck met its $15,000

goal at 11:35 a.m. We're not sure at precisely what time Hodge Podge met

their goal, but we do know they were all the way out west.

Yet, somehow, when we got to the secret finish line at South Pointe Park, both teams just happened to be within a few minutes of each other, running down the beach.


only that, but according to our live blog, over an hour passed from the

time The Lime Truck finished service at Brickell to the time they were

filmed running for the win in South Beach. By the way, we filmed the

running scenes and we've been sitting on them until today.

Here is the Lime team coming in for the kill:

And here's Hodge Podge running for their lives:

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