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The Five Best Breakfast Tacos in Miami

Yes, breakfast tacos are a thing. Perhaps you're familiar with their big brother, the breakfast burrito. Or maybe you know their crazy tío, the Honduran baleada — a burrito/ taco hybrid. Then there's that mess Taco Bell created last year: the waffle taco.

Miami is having a full-on love affair with the taco, so here are five can't-miss versions for your mornings. Whether they're stuffed with potatoes or replace the tortilla with a pancake, these are the tops.

5. Breakfast tacos at Front Porch Café
Famed Ocean Drive breakfast spot Front Porch Café has been providing locals and tourists with hearty meals for years. The breakfast tacos ($10.99) come on soft flour tortillas and are filled with cheddar cheese, scrambled eggs, grilled chicken, house-made kimchee, and sweet herbed barbecue sauce. Though Miami is behind in the Korean-taco race, this breakfast version is ahead of the pack.

4. Baleada with chorizo at Jennifer's Cafeteria
A baleada is a popular dish in Honduras that features a thick tortilla stuffed with refried beans and other fillings. Think the shape of a massive taco with a pillow-top tortilla. The chorizo baleada ($4.50) at modest North Miami Beach spot Jennifer's Cafeteria comes with beans, scrambled eggs, hunks of chorizo, cheese, and crema. It's enormous and beats any breakfast burrito. Plus, the price can't be beat.

3. Breakfast taco at Huahua's Taqueria
The home of Miami's favorite fried chicken also cranks out a tasty breakfast taco ($3.99 each or three for $11). It is a glorious combination of cheesy eggs, carnitas, hash browns, and cilantro. It packs meaty, crunchy, creamy textures. Toss on some hot sauce and rev up your day.

2. Pancake tacos at Station 5
We'll eat a pancake taco any day. The version at Station 5, which also serves a taco with short rib and Cheetos, is stuffed with eggs, bacon, pico de gallo, and maple syrup ($12.50). Polish off three of these soft, fluffy babies and you'll be one happy brunch customer. The salty/sweet combo solves the common brunch dilemma.

1. Shou zhua bing "hand grab pancake" at Blackbrick
Chef Richard Hales is transforming his downtown Sakaya Kitchen into a taco shop, and if the menu there is anything like the one at his Chinese restaurant, Blackbrick, it will be astounding. Blackbrick's brunch menu features a dish so delicious it must be devoured. The scallion pancake contains scrambled eggs and cumin chicken in an unforgettable package ($11). It's a flavor explosion that'll leave you licking your finely flavored fingers.

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