Ten Best Food Items in Miami for One Dollar

Miami may be home to a $1,000 ice-cream sundae, a $65 burger, and other extravagant offerings, but this fair city also offers affordable fare.

Looking beyond the golden arches for dollar menu items isn't easy, though. Short Order scoured the city on a George Washington-dollar-bill budget. We admit we went a nickel and dime over on a couple of choices, but none of these delicious food items will break the bank. Dig in and eat your buck's worth of grub.

10. Three chocolates for $1 at Buena Vista Chocolate & Wine

Chocolate-making has been in Claude Postel's family for seven generations. He even has the old molds to prove it. Though the bonbons with exotic fillings cost $1.50 each, look toward the case on the left, where there's a bowl of pure chocolates in milk and dark varieties. They are priced three for $1. Grab some of the creations, whose shapes change seasonally and are a favorite among children.

9. Dolmas at Jerusalem Market & Deli

Dolmas are deliciously briny bundles of joy. At Jerusalem Market, you can get meat-filled grape leaves for 85 cents or two vegetarian rice-filled ones for $1. They are full of flavor and fluffy rice.

8. Ice-cream sandwich at Dogma Grill

While Dogma grills some of the best frankfurters in the city, it also keeps things cool by offering classic ice-cream sandwiches for just a buck. No need to wait for the ice-cream truck to drive by; just hit up this hot-dog stand.

7. Bagels at 7. Bagel Bar East at San Souci

Hot, fresh bagels are as holy as they are holey. Bagel Bar provides daily batches of bagels for a buck each. Though spreading some cream cheese might put you over budget, the bagel holds up strong on its own and will carb-load your morning like no other.

6. Burger at Royal Castle

Royal Castle's classic square sliders have increased in price from 99 cents to $1.15 (without cheese), but the fact that this location is the remaining Royal Castle in Miami makes it a favorite among the budget-conscious. It's open 24 hours, and you can even order these famous two-bite burgers in packs of four, five, or six.

5. Arroz con leche at Mi Colombia Cafeteria y Restaurante

A cup of pudding is so comforting. The arroz con leche at Mi Colombia is made fresh daily with plump raisins and sprinkles of cinnamon on top. The value of this delicious dessert is far greater than its dollar price tag.

4. Croqueta at Islas Canarias

Croquetas are a bit of a gamble -- it's difficult to know ahead of time exactly what you're biting into. There are several varieties that cost a single dollar, but if you want the best, you have to dole out an extra 15 cents. Islas Canarias has croquetas with the most divine texture -- a crisp exterior and melt-in-your-mouth filling. The specks of smoky pink ham and minced herbs will have you craving more.

3. Tamago at Sushi Deli

Sushi Deli serves some seriously inexpensive sushi, but in the dollar bracket, you have two options: tamago and imitation crab stick. The tamago is a sweet Japanese omelet created by rolling layers of cooked egg. It is served either by itself or as nigiri with rice. It is delicate and a crack above a simple fried egg.

2. Small tarts at Laurenzo's Italian Market

Just past the colorful assortment of homemade pastas is the massive pastry display. There sit rainbow cookies, cannoli, and many other tempting treats. But for one dollar apiece, you can dip into the assortment of tarts with a cookie-like crust. Flavors include lemon, chocolate, caramel, and raspberry. If you want something boozy, one buck will also buy a small rum ball.

1. Serrano ham at 100 Montaditos

Yes, 100 Montaditos is a chain, but the midtown Miami location was the first in the United States, and by far it offers the best bang for your buck. One dollar can buy a choice of five sandwiches. The #1 comes with thin wisps of Serrano ham on warm, olive-oil-drizzled, crunchy-crusted, oven-fresh bread. Salty chips accompany this mini meal that's one helluva deal.

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