Sushi Pizza topped with raclette cheese.EXPAND
Sushi Pizza topped with raclette cheese.
Courtesy of Elena Vivas

Sushi Kong Offers Raclette Rolls and Nutella Treats Near Coral Gables

Sushi is everywhere in Miami, from swanky hotels to the coolers at Walgreens. If you're in a sushi rut, try one place which offers outrageous takes on the traditional.

Sushi Kong is a clandestine eatery that's become famous on Instagram for its raclette-topped sushi and Nutella-topped tempura cheesecake. The quaint space, designed with manga art and industrial fixtures, specializes in a unique fusion of sushi and Latin American flavors.

The restaurant, which opened in late 2016, has nearly 15,000 Instagram followers, so its raclette sushi roll ($15) has likely made it onto your newsfeed. A crunchy salmon roll, combined with crab salad and crested with plantains, is smothered in oozing layers of hot cheese. The dish successfully challenges culinary norms by pairing cheese and seafood in one cohesive dish.

If sushi laden with cheese weren't enough, sushi pizza ($14) goes one step further. Thick-cut tempura rice patties are layered with salmon, cream cheese, sweet plantains, raclette, and eel sauce ($14). Although a far cry from traditional pizza, the small pie has a balanced sweet and savory profile.

The Romeo & Juliet roll is a must. A sushi wheel composed of crunchy salmon, crab, and avocado comes with a delightful shrimp crown ($16). The artfully presented dish strays from traditional sushi norms, which seems to be Sushi Kong's defining feature.

Sushi Kong Offers Raclette Rolls and Nutella Treats Near Coral Gables (2)EXPAND
Courtesy of Elena Vivas

Dripping fudge and towering whipped cream define fanciful sweets that are as captivating as the savory items. The Kong crack is a thick wedge of tempura fried cheesecake showered with a hodgepodge of Oreos, Nutella, and other chocolate dainties ($15). Chocolate fans might prefer the chocolate kamikaze. Imagine an ice-cream bar wedged headfirst into a thick pool of chocolate fondant with a healthy layer of Nutella ($15).

In the coming weeks, be on the lookout for brunch, which will include jiggly Japanese pancakes. Weekday happy-hour offerings include local brews and seasonal libations.

Sushi Kong. 3000 Coral Way, Miami; 305-815-6330; sushikongmiami.com. Daily noon to 3 p.m. and 5:30 to 10:30 p.m.

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