Sunset Harbour Is Miami's Best Dining Neighborhood, and Here's Why

Sunset Harbour, you complete me. You're there for me on Friday nights, when nothing but Sardinia's spaghetti alla bottarga will do. You keep me going with Miami's best americano, which is served perfectly every time at Panther Coffee. At Jugofresh, you steer me on the righteous pathway with goji berries and kale juices. They always help me start the week off right.

And when I don't want to start the week off right, you sell bottles of wine half-off on Mondays at Barceloneta. I appreciate that -- I really do. So though this may sound odd, I have to say: Sunset Harbour, I have a crush on you.

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It started long ago. I drifted into Burger & Beer Joint, where I'd often go for the, um, burgers and beers. Then things got serious. I tried the branzino baked in salt at Sardinia; the rich udon carbonara at Pubbelly; the buffalo-style rock shrimp tempura at Pubbelly Sushi; the steak tartare sliders at PB Steak; the sourdough croissant at True Loaf; and, yes, the $24 pizza at Lucali.

Sunset Harbour, you're just as good during the day as you are at night. For lunch, I can pick up Zak the Baker sandwiches and cold brews from Panther Coffee, then have a picnic at Maurice Gibb Memorial Park. For dinner at Barceloneta, I can order a platter of Spanish cheeses -- Valdeón, Idiazabal, Garrotxa -- followed by oysters, crudos, and flatbreads.

In a city where most folks rather drive than walk a block or two, your restaurants are just steps away from each other. Where else in town is there such a dense concentration of good food?

Sure, Design District lures me in with its chef-driven restaurants and pretty furniture stores. I've enjoyed many happy hours at Oak Tavern, dinners at Harry's Pizzeria, and fresh pastas at MC Kitchen. When my birthday comes along, my boyfriend better dust off the credit card and take me to the Cypress Room.

But when it comes to full-on neighborhood affairs, Sunset Harbour, it'll always be you.

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Emily Codik